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Mount Eden: A Must-See View of Auckland

Mount Eden, also called Maungawhau, is the highest natural point in the city and one of Auckland’s top sites. It is just 1 of the48 volcanic cones scattered throughout the area. Providing panoramic views of the city and harbor, it will leave your mouth agape.

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How To Get To Mount Eden from Auckland

Mount Eden is an incredibly popular tourist attraction. One of the reason why is because it is quick and easy to get to from Auckland. The best way to get there from the city is to utilize the local bus system. From Britomart in downtown Auckland take bus number 274 or 277 to Mount Eden Village. During the week these buses run every 15 mins from 7a-7pm and every 30 minutes on the weekends. There is a bus stop very close to the trailhead of the hike up Mt. Eden or you can get off the bus a couple stops earlier and walk through the cute little town of Mount Eden Village. There are several cute shops and restaurants along the main street that would be great for a breakfast or lunch stop. Whenever you’re ready just head north towards the large grassy mountain.

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The Hike & The View

The hike to the top takes about 20 minutes and is very moderate. Any fairly healthy person should be able to make it just fine. If you are traveling in the spring or summer be sure to hit the gardens on the East side of the mountain.

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Once at the top I would highly recommend taking a full lap around the edge to take in the full 360 degree views. The site really is incredible and is a great way to see the sprawling city and the gorgeous coastline. It would be very hard to miss but also be sure to take a photo with the large crater that marks the center of the dormant volcano.

Come back the way you came and catch the same buses back into Auckland for your other plans. Mount Eden makes for a lovely little day trip from the city that gets you out into nature. The whole trip will probably take 3-5 hours depending on your pace of travel and if you stop to eat or shop on the way.


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