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South Korea Travel Tips & Tricks

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Here you will find all you need to know about South Korea, all of the best South Korea Travel Tips & Tricks that I could think of after living there for 3 years compiled into one glorious post. If you are looking to travel there soon then LUCKY YOU!! I am very jealous because although I saw a ton while I was there, I would go back in a heartbeat. So read up, then go explore yourself and tell me what you thought and what you found that I forgot!

The previous slogan for the city of Seoul was “The Seoul of Asia”. I used to love that when I was living there because it made perfect sense to me. South Korea, and Seoul especially, has a vibe all it’s own, but most places do. What makes South Korea unique is that it claims this vibe and it wears it relentlessly wherever it goes.



Travel Tips & Tricks

South Korea Itineraries

Depending on how much time you have to devote to South Korea as whole you might have to choose your activities very wisely. Below you will find several itineraries ranging from a couple of hours in Seoul during a layover to 2 weeks exploring the entire country. Now if it were up to me, I would choose to stay as long as possible because I really don’t think you would get bored of it. Korea, at least for me, is one of those places where you nearly always wish you had stayed longer.

For those who will only have time to visit Seoul you are in for a treat. Incheon International Airport consistently ranks as on of the top 10 airports in the world so prepare to be impressed as soon as you step off the plane. Because it is such a large airport it is very common to have layovers there when traveling throughout Asia. You are in luck even if you are only there for a couple hours, as Korea offers tons of great opportunities for long layover tours and the public transportation is so great that you really can get out and see some things in a short amount of time.

Seoul and Beyond

For those with a little more time to spare but not enough to really leave the capital, no need to fret. There is TONS to do and see in Seoul. The city is sprawling and you could spend several weeks alone exploring it and not see the same thing twice. Or instead of that you could check out the itineraries below for how to see the absolute coolest stuff in the most time effective manner. You’re gonna be a little tired but you are also going to be SO happy.

  • 7 Day Seoul Itinerary
    • After living in Seoul for 3 years I still consider it my home. Get your walking shoes on and check out my MUST SEE sites.

Seoul gets all the credit but the rest of the country really is stunning as well. There are a lot of little known highlights that even I had not heard of until I had lived there for quite some time. Jeju Island for example is a UNESCO world heritage site and on a short list as one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. The green tea fields in Boseong will fill your stomach and take your breath away. Don’t be scared to mix and match these itineraries and just see everything!

  • 10 days in South Korea
  • 5 days in Jeju Island
    • This 5 Days In Jeju Island Itinerary will help you hit all the best sites without any of the chintzy touristy nonsense. Jeju Island is one of the new 7 wonders of nature and a UNESCO world heritage site. The incredible natural landscapes won’t disappoint.
  • 5 days through South Korea’s Southern Highlights
    • There are some unique places to visit in South Korea that are off the usual tourist trail. Head South towards sapphire blue waters, rolling fields of green tea, black sand beaches and a breathtaking bay in Yeosu.
  • 4 days in Busan

South Korea Experiences

You will never find another place quite like Korea, there is tons to do and see and no matter what your interests are Korea will find a way to keep you entertained. Love shopping? We’ve got you covered. Looking for nature? We have that too. Are you into culture, architecture, volcanoes, food, art, music, beaches, hiking? Believe me guys, Korea has you covered.


  • The Royal Korean Palaces In Seoul
    • The royal palaces in Seoul are a must-see site on your visit to South Korea. But with 5 gorgeous location to choose from and huge gardens to meander, how will you choose which to go see? Click here to see the pros and cons of each.
  • Korean Food Must Try’s
  • Insadong
  • Wandering Through Bukchon and Samseondong
  • Seoul Cherry Blossoms: Secret Viewing Spots
    • One of the most beautiful events in Korea is the Seoul Cherry Blossoms blooming. Every spring the city comes alive with tiny delicate bright pink, white and maroon flowers. Locals and tourists alike come out in full force to see this awesome event so here is the down low on the best places to see the blossoms.
  • The markets of Seoul
  • Best of Korean Street Food
  • DMZ/JSA Tour
  • Noryangjin Fish Market
  • Jimjilbang
  • Bongeunsa Temple

Beyond The City

  • Mokpo, South Korea
    • Mokpo, South Korea is not a tourist destination for a lot of reasons but it is a great jumping off point to see the incredible sights the southern part of the country has to offer!
  • Boseong Green Tea Fields
    • The Boseong Green Tea Fields are not the easiest site to reach but they are well worth the trip. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking view and incredible green tea flavored food.
  • Yeosu, South Korea
    • Yeosu, South Korea is not a place you have likely heard of but it is easy to get to and provides sweeping ocean views over the bay. It also has the country’s only black sand beach, all-natural rock tunnel and a traditional Buddhist Temple.
  • Hongdo Island 
    • Hongdo Island, South Korea is the place to go for great hiking with incredible views of the gorgeous blue waters and rocky coasts. You can even see an island floating in the sky and Korean free divers will provide your lunch!
  • Jeju Island 
    • Jeju Island, South Korea is a hidden gem. Considered one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world the natural landscapes provided on this island are breathtaking. The best part is this island is just a quick trip from Seoul and totally set up for tourists!

South Korea Travel Tips & Tricks

South Korea, and Seoul imparticular has one of the greatest and cheapest public transportation systems in the world. It is very easy to navigate, most things are in English and it reaches to every inch of the city. Driving, on the other hand, can be a bit much. For nearly everything you might want to see driving is not necessary but there are a couple of things like the Green Tea Fields and around Jeju that would be best by personal vehicle. Whatever you decide to do, don’t try to drive in Seoul unless you absolutely have to.

  • Public Transportation In Korea
    • Public transportation in Korea is absolutely phenomenal. Seoul is consistently ranked as one of the best transit systems in the world. Even outside of the city you have tons of options that make seeing South Korea in all its beauty simple and cheap!

I can’t wait to hear what you discover on your trip to South Korea. I hope it brings you the same joy that it brought me for so many years. Don’t forget to be open-minded and kind. Respect and courtesy go a long way in Korea, and in Asia as a whole! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the younger generations are particularly eager to speak with foreigners and practice their English. If you can get past the nervous giggling amongst groups of friends they will kindly lead you in the right direction. For every one person that rejects you and doesn’t want to help there are a dozen more that will communicate as best they can.

Don’t forget to tell me all about it when you get back!!! How did my itineraries work for you? Would you rank the palaces in the same order as I did? Inquiring minds want to know…