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Boseong Green Tea Fields

Getting To The Boseong Green Tea Fields

The drive from Mokpo is a beautiful winding trip through rice paddy fields and very small towns. It is a nice change from the large cities that are the most popular locations for tourists visiting the country.

Upon exiting the main road there is immediately a large souvenir shop carrying green tea flavored everything. Literally anything you can think of t

hat can be flavored and more was sold at this place. I would definitely wait until the end to stock up on goodies. This way you wont have to carry any bags while walking or leave your chocolate to melt in the car.11265137_10153403125378338_7435427413213313470_n

When To Visit And The Incredible View

Best Time To Visit: April through August when the heat and humidity will make you questions your choices

Up a short little road you will run into the fields themselves. The cost is 3000won (about $2.50) per person to tour the fields (as of the writing of this article).  There is plenty of parking and then it is just a short walk up a beautiful tree-lined path to the fields. The hills are completely covered in perfect lines of green tea plants. It is absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing how far the green bushes extend. The plants are somehow perfectly aligned creating a very impressive display. Honestly, it is hard to describe in words but it is breathtaking, a definite must-see!

Boseong Green Tea Fields South Korea View-min


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Meander along the paths through the fields for awhile and then climb some very steep stairs to the top of the mountain. It is a steep hike especially because the best time to visit coincides with the hottest summer months. The view from the top is absolutely worth it!  You can see how many of the nearby mountains are also covered in green tea plants and get a great birds eye view of the fields below. Choose to walk back down the hill through the more wooded area along the back of the fields to allow you to cool off.

Boseong Green Tea Fields South Korea Stairs-min

 Green Tea Flavored Everything

After spending so much time walking in the sun you will be more than ready for some food and a cold drink. The tiny little cafe was totally empty but after waiting 5 minutes someone arrived to serve us. Iced green tea, a bibimbap made with green tea rice, jajangmyeon which was green tea noodles topped with black soybean paste and mun nangmyeon which is a cold noodle soup using green tea noodles. Everything is very cheap so definitely try a lot of different options. But don’t forget to leave room for dessert!

Downstairs you can order more tasty things like a green tea latte, green tea smoothie and green tea ice cream. Everything is incredibly good so try as much as you can. The need to cool off makes it a pretty easy choice.


 The Green Tea Museum

Don’t forget to stop at the souvenir shop and stock up on souvenirs and snacks on our way out. Several travel book listed a museum located up the street from the fields but it is very hard to find. It is just up a hill from the fields but nothing is labeled well or it is only Korean. We drove around a bit until we found it and then it was locked and closed for the day despite it being within the listed business hours. That is very Korean.

Boseong is teeny tiny and you might be hard-pressed to find a place to stay overnight. If you drove yourself then I would recommend heading on to Yeosu or Mokpo. If you took a bus then be sure not to miss the return trip!

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